The National Pastime Museum Has Launched! [New and Notable]

Please excuse my absence, dear readers — it’s been a very busy [insert embarrassingly high number] months.

I wanted to update you all on my latest endeavor, as a columnist for The National Pastime Museum’s Historian’s Corner (link is to my work but check out the whole site. An incredible collection of memorabilia, images and stories, not to mention some great writing). Three comics up so far (with more to come): a piece on Jim Creighton, one on Addie Joss & Ed Walsh, and an illustrated Casey at the Bat (make sure you click to enlarge, and keep clicking through. They’re all multi-page stories).

I’d love to hear what you think, and please share with your baseball and/or comic-loving pals.



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2 responses to “The National Pastime Museum Has Launched! [New and Notable]

  1. Stephen Perron

    BIG fan of Molly Lawless, dead ball era, books and art, informative and makes exciting reading for fans, informative and the art work brings to life these stories, excellent at every level, truely unique and wonderful.

  2. Brad Johnson

    This is really fun. Yay Molly! Did you have to transfer copyright? That sucks. You should get Casey at the Bat published as a book.

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