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Fall On Me [The Four Seasons, Day Four]

Sigh. No, they won’t.  They’ll be the same as always.  And don’t slip on that pile of rotten  dreams — er,  leaves, my dear.

Also:  I drew this outfit to be The Dorkiest Of All Time ®, but now I rather like it.  You know what that means?  I myself am The Dorkiest Of All Time®…OK, hardly a newsflash.

And that’s ALL FOUR SEASONS in one week.  Next week: Baseball T-Shirts!


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Autumnal Cliches, Day Four: The Baseball Postseason

Thus concludes our week of Autumnal Cliches.  With regard to this particular drawing, I’d like to take this opportunity to give a shout-out to the ghost of Fred Merkle for once again ensuring that the Cubs never, ever, ever win another World Series.  I mean, nothing against the Cubs, but a man’s entitled to his revenge.

Onward, then, to things you might actually care about.  Wanna know what the Thing of the Week is next week?  Sure you do.  Ready? It’s Brushes With Fame.  What could that possibly mean?  Check back in on Monday to find out.  And I’ll be posting page 5 of the Worm later today.

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Autumnal Cliches, Day Three: Pumpkin Ale

Come back tomorrow AM for the final cliche for the inaugural Thing of the Week!

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Autumnal Cliches, Day Two: Apples

Specifically, having a buttload of them.

Oh, speaking of seasonal cliches, I furnished my table at SPX with a bowl of candy corn — I’m not beyond bribery, obvs.  You would think I laid out a tray of madeleines… everyone who ate one seemed to have a massive flashback.  “One time…[story involving candy corn, told with twinge of wistful regret/wicked glee]…sigh.”  Very rewarding.  To that end, feel free to post your recollections of the “corn” (wtf?) in the comments.

See you later for page 3 of the Worm.


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Thing of the Week: Autumnal Cliches

The Thing of the Day is…

Tune in tomorrow for another Autumnal Cliche.  And later today for page 2 of Arise, Zombie.

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