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What Not To Say At A Wine Tasting


Allow me to explain:  Another person at the tasting asked why a wine, which had been described in advance as “very sweet”, came in a blue bottle.  The taster-lady (vintner?  pourer?) explained that this was traditional for German-style sweet wines.  Hilariously (I thought), I invoked the name of Blue Nun, which I know only as a really bad, really sweet German wine that comes in a blue bottle.  That didn’t go over so well.  Oh, the non-hilarity!

Full disclosure:  I’ve never had it and know it only as Alan Partridge’s wine of choice.  He’s the guy on the right, below:

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Oh, Deer!


So I drew this dippy deer (it’s either got its head on the wrong way or someone has just shouted its name:  “Hey, Bambi!”), and days later I actually saw one dash by me, while running on a trail in Mississippi.  Coincidence?

Naturally it scared the bejesus out of me, as I am a sheltered city girl.  Anyway, later in the run I’m pretty sure I saw a wombat.  Did I mention I’m not going to get the Junior Naturalist merit badge any time soon?

And then a cocker spaniel chased me for a while. 

The End.

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Awkward Moments: This Never Happened [day 4]

Get out the brain bleach!  It’s that Awkward Moments Classic for the ages:  Walking in on two people doing something they’re not supposed to be doing.


Bonus awkward points if they’re your colleagues.

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Awkward Moments: UNSEND! [day 3]

There’se sending an email to the wrong person, then there’s….


See you tomorrow!


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Awkward Moments: False Positive [day 2]

Whoooo-ee am I late today. No pun intended!

Tune in tomorrow for a lesson in email etiquette.


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