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The Turning of the Worm: The Book of Bones [page 4]

Jeff battles temptation:  Who will prevail?


And now… next week’s Thing of the Week?  Okay, I know it;s slightly out of date, but hey — it’s my blog:  Humiliating Halloween Costumes!  Oh, you’ll see.  You may wish you never did, but you will see.

Wow, what a week.  Thanks, America!  And I’m especially proud of you, my newly blue Virginny.

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“Nursery Rhymes”, Day Two: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Okay, so some of these are more Fairy Tales than Nursery Rhymes, I’m realizing now.  That’s why it’s now in quotes.

Oh yeah — and if there are any of you out there who haven’t voted yet, VOTE!  I will be working the polls all day (and night, most likely) so see ya on the flipside.

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Thing of the Week: Dudes in Line

Greetings from a coffee shop somewhere in Communist Country!  Unless you fell and hit your head recently (in which case, I’m sorry — get well soon!) you know that Virginia is a swing state, which means it’s neither red nor blue, but a really lovely shade of lavender.  This week I’ll be bringing you my own brand of reportage:  Taking the pulse of this squirrelly populace by drawing them while they’re waiting for their espresso drinks.

Here’s today’s feature:

Um, yeah.  If this guy isn’t planning on voting for Obama I’m eating my hat — hell, I’ll eat all of my hats.  This is no small feat as I recently realized I have an embarrassing amount. 

Tomorrow, a things get interesting when a representative from the Great [Really] Northwest orders a latte.

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