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February 25: I Am Endlessly Interesting.


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February 4: Special Bonus Krappy Kartoon!

Why We Read US Weekly.


Click to enlarge, then click again if you need to enlarge more.  ENLARGE!

(For the record, because I know you care, I started drawing this on the back of the Regulation Page-A-Day paper but it didn’t fit.)

 I realized that I never drew someone on the can before.  This is a Very Special Day.  It’s also Babe Ruth’s birthday, so gorge yourselves on hot dogs and women in his honor.



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January 25: Talking Points


But then it got even better, because he charged me for the Grande, anyway.  These poor drones are trained to the point of lobotomization.  They can’t do their actual jobs, they’re so pumped full of other shit to remember.  Unless it was all an elaborate scheme to confuse me and steal my 20 cents.  Curses!

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January 18: The Day That Was

Huh.   I don’t remember January 18th at all.. it was a Friday, right?  It was cold…I bought a new iPod…I think I had cereal with a glass of wine for dinner – a little high/low action, you know how I roll. 

Anyway.  On to the task at hand.


I know, take your time.  There’s a lot to digest here. 

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January 11: Tell it like it is


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