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Dino-Mite! [Huh?]

Sometimes your brain just burps something up, and it turns out to be a surrealistic greeting card for a non-existent holiday.


Happy Dino Day, Everyone!  Let’s join claws and sing the traditional Dino Carols that we all know and love.


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February 19: WTF is my PROBLEM?


What is the deal with the dinosaurs and reptiles lately?  Even Cartoon Me is fed up. 

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February 13: Stegosauruses and Stereotypes

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I trust you are all eating bon-bons, or doing other unspeakable things.  I know, that made no sense.

I want this steg to be my Valentine. Is he not the dreamiest?


He’s such a flirt.

 A flower delivery man (they’re everywhere today, I tell ya) began speaking to me in Russian today, so convinced was he of my origin.  I hated to disappoint him.  I don’t know where he got the idea… perhaps the shirtless pic of Vlad Putin hanging in my cube?  I mean, it’s not like I was sitting there at work like this:


I wish.

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