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From the Vault: Repressed Memory Theatre

How about a blast from the past?  My past, that is.

(yes, the layout is wonked out — just click a couple of times to enlarge/view)

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February 6: Everything In The Same Place

Left my page at work.  It’s been that kind of day. 

When I got home, luckily, I found new inspiration in the aftermath of an exploded pipe (?) which led building maintenance to stack the contents of our apartment on top of itself while the carpet is dried out. 


Look, I’m watching TV! Hahahahahhahahkillme

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January 30: Not So Fast, Legs.


Get it?  Her nickname is “Legs” ’cause that’s all she has! Legs!  Hahahah..ha…ha. 

Fergit it.

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January 16: Dramz!!

I freely admit this is idiotic and defintely not worth the energy it took to scan, and yet I see now that I’ve managed to (unintentionally) created a slight romantic drama, no?


Does our glossy-haired and pillow-lipped heroine seem torn between two lovers – the bookish and rumpled  Man Placing A Binder Back On A Shelf and..whatever that thing is on the left? 

Pretty weak, I know.  I blame the inclement weather.

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