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Leaning Tower of People [Sketchy]


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March 5: I am in a great mood.

Just kidding.  It’s been a stinker.  And yet, I managed to pull this masterpiece together:


As you can see, I cover a lot of ground here:  from patriotism to nasal hygiene, from apathy and depression to cupcakes and sunshine.  And, uh, a Horrible Baby.

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February 19: WTF is my PROBLEM?


What is the deal with the dinosaurs and reptiles lately?  Even Cartoon Me is fed up. 

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February 12: Tapped

As in, I have nary a creative bone in my body:


I busted my toe in the Great Ice Storm of ’08.  My hairdresser tells me a local news station actually had a camera set up right near where I live filming people crawling around on all fours trying to get home.  Hilarity!  As anyone who watched the episode of House with Mira Sorvino knows, soon my kidneys will fail and a hot engineer will have to drink my pee, bore a hole in my head, and reset my toe-bone.

 Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

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February 6: Everything In The Same Place

Left my page at work.  It’s been that kind of day. 

When I got home, luckily, I found new inspiration in the aftermath of an exploded pipe (?) which led building maintenance to stack the contents of our apartment on top of itself while the carpet is dried out. 


Look, I’m watching TV! Hahahahahhahahkillme

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