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This Week In Mollywood [News You Can Use]

Readers in the D.C. area:  I’ll be on this panel Wednesday night, 6-8pm, at the Busboys & Poets downtown – should be a blast!  Please come and say hi.

Also, Mike Rhode from Comics DC – who will also be at the panel discussion Wednesday – was kind enough to interview me for his very cool “Meet A Local Cartoonist” series on the Washington City Paper website.  Here’s the link. Thanks, Mike!


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MoCCA Fest ’09! [Where I Will Be]

This weekend (June 6-7) is the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) Festival, and you can find me sharing table #637 with the lovely and talented Sharon Furgason.


(No, I will not actually have a bottle of booze behind the table.  Bring your own, scrubs! – Ed.)

Do stop by if you’re at the fest.  I will be selling my two latest Infandum! minis (#3 and the brand spankin’ new #4) and Infandum!…Ad Infinitum.  And buttons of Ty Cobb.

I may even Twitter/tweet/twat from there.  Follow me here.


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Free Comic Book Day ’09!

Hey everyone!  I’ll be at Fantom Comics tomorrow (May 2), from 12 to 2pm taking part in the Free Comic Book Day festivities there as well as peddling and signing copies of Infandum!…Ad Infinitum and Infandum! #3.  Stop by for what’s always a rip-roaring FCBD good time!


Shut up, Jerk!  It’ll be fun.


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February 6: Everything In The Same Place

Left my page at work.  It’s been that kind of day. 

When I got home, luckily, I found new inspiration in the aftermath of an exploded pipe (?) which led building maintenance to stack the contents of our apartment on top of itself while the carpet is dried out. 


Look, I’m watching TV! Hahahahahhahahkillme

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Special Holiday Edition


Hey kids!  Look what I found.  Studly, huh?  Yeah, moving gifs give me a headache too, sorry.  

I realize that Christy Mathewson has absolutely nothing to do with MLK, but I’m sure if he hadn’t been accidentally gassed while serving during WWI and died of tuberculosis before Martin Luther King, Jr. was even born he would have totally supported the cause, and stuff.

OK, that was sort of depressing.  Here’s a pic I did awhile ago of my little sister giving me a manicure.


Happy again! 

Oh my gosh, almost forgot: the Counter Culture Festival at Dremo’s on Saturday was awesome.  It was so fun meeting people and justifying my existence.   If you’re coming here from stuff you got at the Festival, welcome!  hope you had as much fun as I did. 


Here I am posing my big wad of cash – damn, looks like I’ve got like 7 bucks.  Don’t worry, I won’t let it go to my head.


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