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Love Is…[Fresh-Baked Friday!]

It’s all about division of labor, people.  For example: in our relationship, I’m in charge of freaking out, overreacting, having meltdowns, and of course all the cooking (not to mention quoting Longfellow* when useful, as seen above).  And he does, uh, everything else.

Enjoy your weekend, and safe canoeing!  (I suppose there’s a dopey double entrendre in there but I’m certainly not gonna unpack it for you.)

* some part of the apparently endless “Song of Hiawatha“.  Thanks to my mom for searing it into my brain in childhood!

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Carlton’s World Magazine [Print Is Not Dead]

This quickie pretty much speaks for itself.

Hear that, publishers?  There’s a hole in the market waiting to be filled with Schlubber’s World!  Alternatively, Bumbler’s Digest?  I’m just giving these ideas away.

Have a great weekend!


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Great Moments In Carlton [Carltoon]

Based on a hi-frickin’-larious performance art piece presented by yours truly to an audience of… Carlton.

I was going to call it “Stations of the Carlton” but since the subject himself doesn’t “get” Catholic humor (he says it has something to do with “not being brought up Catholic”… yeah, whatever) it seemed inappropriate.

P.S. I bet Guinness will call any minute now, as I’ve certainly set the record for most “Carltons” in one blog post.


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Don’t Mess With the I.R.S. [Fascinating Carlton]

How to repay the love o’ my life, the man who sits patiently by while I yammer on about Tris Speaker and my running injuries for hours on end?  In other words (not my own), how do you thank someone who’s taken you from crayons to perfume [and in my case,  back to crayons again]?

Why, by continually drawing idiotic cartoons about them and posting them on your little-visited blog, of course!  Yes, folks, it’s another installment of Fascinating Carlton!


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Fascinating Carlton [Hangs Around Me All Day]

(Title sung to the tune of Fascinating Rhythm, of course)

Strangely, my darling husband objects when I draw unflattering pics of him saying boring things.  I mean, it’s not like I come off so great in this one either — check out the hair.


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