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Meet Elmer Myers [Forgotten Cleveland Indians]

Back off, ladies!

Elmer’s all mine.  Literally.  There’s something so sad about finding out a player is a mere Wikipedia stub:   “This article is only a stub!  You can help Wikipedia by expanding it!”  Sigh.  If only my sad pen-and-ink depiction could expand the definition of an Elmer Myers.

Elmer played major league baseball for around eight years, from  1915-22.  The 1920 Indians group shot that I draw all these guys from lists him as “E.J.Myers”.  Too bad his name was actually Elmer Glenn Myers.  Maybe “Glenn” had an alternate “J” spelling in 1920.  Or not.  Well, Elmer G. Myers, someone’s thinking about you, wherever you are.

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Leaning Tower of People [Sketchy]


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Meet Stanley Coveleski [Not-So-Forgotten Cleveland Indians]

Stanley Coveleski, whose name was spelled “Coveleskie” for his entire baseball career (rumor has it that it was misspelled early on and he was too shy to correct it…if true, aww!), was an utterly awesome spitball pitcher.  He worked in the coal mines through his childhood and claims his amazing control came from throwing rocks at tin cans for fun.  Good times.  Anyway, not only is he written up here as a “Famous Coal Cracker”, but he’s a member of the Polish-American Hall of Fame.  Oh, and the Baseball Hall of Fame (please note standardly hideous plaque “likeness”.  Who does these?).   I recently found an old New York Times article about the 1920 World Series — which Stanley C. utterly dominated, by the way, to the tune of three complete game wins with a .67 ERA — that referred to him as “the stolid-faced Polack.”  Yes, really.  His wife had died during the season, and he married her sister a couple of years later, ’cause I guess that’s what you did back then.

Without further ado, the next in what my husband calls my “1920 Cleveland Indians Bookmark Collection”:


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Meet Steve O’Neill [Forgotten Cleveland Indians]


In truth,  Stephen Francis O’Neill (yes, a good Irish-Catholic boy — how could you tell?), catcher,  is not nearly as “forgotten” as the other chaps I’ve been drawing and posting here.  He played for 17 years, managed for 14, and was respectable at both.  Most of what I know about these guys befor I draw them is pretty much relegated to what happened in 1920, for example, I knew Steve’s wife had twins during that season.  What I didn’t know (and just saw on wikipedia) is that TWO of his daughters married major league ballplayers.  God, I hope it was the twins!

Anyway, one of said unions was between a Miss O’Neill and a Mississippian shortstop named Skeeter who played shortstop on a team Steve was managing.  That’s all I’ll say about that.

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The Ballad of Harry Bunte…er, Lunte [Forgotten Cleveland Indians]


I’m gonna write a poem about this guy, entitled “Don’t Call Me Bunte.”

And here’s the first and only stanza:

Filled in for Chappie
When he died,
Oh, Harry Lunte
Had quite a ride.
Three weeks later
Poor ol’ guy
Pulled a muscle
In his thigh.

Yup, that pretty much sums up his career.  Another reason why I love Harry: we have the same birthday, give or take 80-something years.  We shall celebrate together henceforth.

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