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JP Open Studios Approacheth

Jamaica Plain Open Studios is September 27 and 28.  Are you all excited?  You should be.  I’ll be exhibiting and selling stuff like this:

Along with the framed drawings, I’ll be selling my comics and other sundries as a guest of the talented photographers of Stinky Teapot Studios from 11-6 both days.  If you’re in Boston do come by and enjoy some wine, cheese, and culture.  Or, whatever this picture passes as.


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February 21: L’Hermitage

Hermit cookies/bars/whatever always weirded me out a little, first because they look like they could be chocolate but aren’t, and second: the name.  Could these cookies engender in one the urge to hole up, shunning society?  When I was a kid I pictured hermits (the people) as little gnomes dressed head-to-toe in tattered hermit-cookie brown clothing, living underground with these molasses spice raisin bars as their only sustenance, like so:


I just baked some and they were all right — nothing to become a shut-in over, certainly.  Unless they’re, like,  slow-acting or something.

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January 22: Free– My Favorite Flavor!

This totally happened at work today.


Okay, I just wasted an hour trying to figure out how to use widgets on this godforsaken site.  Ugh.  Done.  With.  That.


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