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Haircut [Fresh-Baked Friday!]

No, of course this isn’t autobiographical.  My boobs aren’t anywhere near that big.

Have a good weekend!  Do it up — wear your best head-bag!

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Thumbgazing [Fresh-Baked Friday!]

I’m coming out, y’all. (Just keep scrolling down, it’s a longish one.)

If I had legions of fans [note: will never happen] I would command a crowdsourced silkscreened “DUH.” t-shirt to appear in my mailbox.  Then they would all wear replicas to pledge their allegiance.  I think I’m going to draw myself in it from now on.

Have a thoe-riffic weekend!

Brachydactyly yours,



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Get A Little Action In [Fresh Baked Friday]

Hey kids, it’s Friday!  Whatever your plans are, I can assure you it won’t be as lame as this:

…and then I drew this slovenly comic.  Since I know there’s only so much of this excitement you can handle, I omitted the final chapter, which involved oatmeal for dinner and Jersey Shore On Demand.  You’re welcome.

And it really was the best hashtag ever: #forgottenbaseballplayers.  I’m sure mine were the Most Forgotteniest.

Have a great weekend!


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Love Is…[Fresh-Baked Friday!]

It’s all about division of labor, people.  For example: in our relationship, I’m in charge of freaking out, overreacting, having meltdowns, and of course all the cooking (not to mention quoting Longfellow* when useful, as seen above).  And he does, uh, everything else.

Enjoy your weekend, and safe canoeing!  (I suppose there’s a dopey double entrendre in there but I’m certainly not gonna unpack it for you.)

* some part of the apparently endless “Song of Hiawatha“.  Thanks to my mom for searing it into my brain in childhood!

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Carlton’s World Magazine [Print Is Not Dead]

This quickie pretty much speaks for itself.

Hear that, publishers?  There’s a hole in the market waiting to be filled with Schlubber’s World!  Alternatively, Bumbler’s Digest?  I’m just giving these ideas away.

Have a great weekend!


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