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Gym “Buddies”: Hot Mess [day 4]

Who is that hot mess?


Me, obviously.  The Hot Mess is ME!


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Gym “Buddies”: Miss Perfect [day 3]



I don’t think much explanation is needed here.  Tomorrow, her polar opposite.

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Gym “Buddies”: Favorite Schlub [day 2]

The schlub is a real trouper.  The gym is not, under any circumstances, where he wants to be, and the fact that he even made it there bewilders him somewhat.  But he goes because he’s supposed to, and makes the best of it. 

He complains enough to be amusing, but not so much that people are rolling their eyes and wishing he’d just stop bitching, already.


Schlub, we salute you.

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Thing of the Week: Gym “Buddies” [day 1]

I spend a fair bit of time at the gym, truth be told.  Some might call me a ‘Gym Rat’; personally, I prefer ‘Fitness Swan’, but oddly that hasn’t caught on yet.  Anyway, this week is going to be a little bit of a “these are the people in my neighborhood”-style selection of “the people that I meet/when I’m walking down the street”  hauling ass on the treadmill at my local airless, windowless sweat factory.

Meet Narcissa.


Isn’t it wonderful when love blossoms at the gym?  Warms the heart.

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