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Hall of Presidents: A Riddle and a Discovery [day 4]

Who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb? 


Give up?

It’s Robin Williams.


And last but certainly not least…oh lord.  I have a new Favorite President.  Friends, I have discovered something called a “James Knox Polk”, and he is a singular delight.


Who knew Tin-Tin was one of our esteemed Commanders-in-Chief?  I think I have a new muse.


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Hall of Presidents: NotFrost/Nixon [day 3]


YIKES.  Maybe that anarchist who shot him was particularly sensitive to creepy stares?  Moving right along…


This was taken from a really weird-angled photo of Tricky when he was really young and not yet sweaty.


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Hall of Presidents: Jefferson [day 2]

This statue of Thomas Jefferson started flirting with me the minute I got to the second floor.


“Why, yes, I did invent jellybeans.  I grew them at Monticello.”

Then, the Official Portrait:


Tomorrow, things get weird.  Well, weirder.


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Thing of the Week: Hall of Presidents

So I went to the National Portrait Gallery’s Hall of Presidents (which is awesome) to draw as many of them as I could until I got bored or the place closed.  The plan was to start at the beginning and go straight through but then… Monroe?  Madison?  Really?  I’m sorry, life’s too short.  The result involved, as you’ll see, a little bit of skipping around.  Skip along with me, won’t you?  (stifle your groans, audience)


He’s all, “I grow weary…of having crap named after me.”

And then, El Presidente Numero Dos…


He’s looking optimistic.  He’s thinking, “Oh history, how will you remember me?”  History is like, “I’m sorry, what was the name again?  Mmm…you’re not on the list.”

I think you know who comes next.  If not, just check that $2 bill in your pocket.  Haw, haw.  I’ll be here all week.  Try the veal, et cetera.

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