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I Bet Peggy’s A Virgo [Happy Birthday, Me!]

Hey, here’s a cartoon of Peggy Olson, sort of!

Birthdaydiddily yours,



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Betty Draper [Mommy Dearest]

A new season of Mad Men is upon us, and I finally watched the first episode.  Betty Draper is driving me NUTS, yo!  Apparently I am a masochist, because I then had to draw her.  Just working out some issues, folks.  It didn’t really help.

Okay, maybe that helped a tiny bit.

Apologies to those who don’t watch the show, but she’s squatting in Don’s house with her new husband.  She’s also (and perhaps more importantly) a terrible, terrible mother.  Poor Sally!  These aren’t real people, you say?  Harrumph.  SAVE SALLY DRAPER!

Edited to add:  required viewing on the subject. Thanks, Carlton!

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Roger [Mad Men]

Here’s a drawing of my buddy Roger Sterling, a.k.a “The Silver Foxiest”.


I don’t dare try to attempt Don Draper as I might fall in love with the picture and run away with it or something.   Isn’t there a myth about a sculptor who falls in love with one of his creations?  Yes, there is.  Well, let’s try to avoid that, shall we?


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Later, Gators [Sketchbook]

Before you get all het up, I’m not going anywhere.  But she sure is!


Oh, and check this out.  Remember when I was a lowly equestrian who finally realized my dream of sleeping with working for Don Draper when I pitched that famous lingerie ad at Sterling Cooper?  Yeah, me neither, but the photographic cartoon evidence doesn’t lie!


(You, too can Mad Men yourself here.  Yes, I am unapologetically doing AMC’s on the viral marketing dirty work.  I DON’T CARE!  Be there or be square August 16 at 10pm, unless you hate stuff that’s awesome. )

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