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Medusa [Hey, Good Lookin’!]

Hey, who’s your favorite Gorgon?  Whose glam shot from Gorgon Beat did you have tacked on your wall as a teen?  You can have your Stheno and Euryale (yeah just totally got that from the Wikipedia page), I’ll take their mortal sister:

I believe this hot mama rounds out my promised seven days of posting in a row, but since I’m all about exceeding expectations and love you all so much, I’m a-gonna round out the week.  You’re WELCOME!


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Modern Mythical Monsters: Medusa [day 4]

Or, to be precise, a gorgon:



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Modern Mythical Monsters: Centaur [day 3]

Meet your new centaur boss.  Profits are down, get to work!


[insert inevitable ‘horse’s ass’ joke here]

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Modern Mythical Monsters: Cereberus [day 2]

The anachronistic indignities continue below.


And just because I can’t resist, here are a couple more from that list I mentioned yesterday:

Mimi (Australian Aboriginal) – Extremely elongated humanoid that has to live in rock crevasses to avoid blowing away


Lidérc (Hungary) – Magical chicken that transforms into a humanoid

Magical…wha?  That does…huh?  HELP!  Shudder.  But as usual, the French have the right idea.  Here’s a little Gallic palate cleanser for you:

Lutin (French) – Amusing goblin



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Thing of the Week: Modern Mythical Monsters [day 1]

Or, Legendary Creatures….They’re Just Like Us!


Related…here’s a list of mythical creatures from Wikipedia.  Do not read unless you want nightmares.  Some of these are stone cold FREAKY, yo!  A couple of examples:

Abura-akago (Japanese) – Oil-drinking infant

Blemmyae (Medieval Bestiary) – Headless humanoid with face in torso

Chonchon (Mapuche) – Disembodied, flying head

Oh, it goes on…and on.

See ya manyana!


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