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Illustration Friday: “Similar”

It’s been ages since I participated in Illustration Friday, so I couldn’t resist reposting this from my Week o’ Planets:


See?  They’re the same.  But different.  Allegedly.



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Planets, Day Three: Uranus and Neptune

Or, the Ice Giants.

Let’s face it, folks: Uranus (despite its rude name) and Neptune are totally boring and I can’t tell them apart.  They’re the same size, they’re far away — so far away in fact that Neptune suffered the decade-or-so-long indignity of having its orbit cut off by Pluto, making it the furthest planet from the Sun.  That’s over now, but who can forget? 

Anyway, they’re about the same size so they may as well be twins.  Yeah, one rotates funny and one –maybe both– have rings?  They have a ton of moons…SNORE.


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