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Sports Stud Saturday

Whoa – in all the “excitement” yesterday (highlights included dumping old clothes into a charity bin, Korean food, and spin class — la vida loca, indeed) I forgot about my Very Special New Feature, Sports Stud Saturday.  So without further ado…


Here’s Walter Johnson, mom and wife in tow, after his team won their only World Series, ever (the Washington Senators, 1924).   I mean, is this adorable or what?  And how great is the wife’s getup?

 Back later with a Gu review (assuming I survive my run)!

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January 24: Mwaaahahaahha!

I listened to this awesome radio show this morning about Nikola Tesla, who was basically the original mad scientist.  He fought with Edison, had a lair, caused a minor earthquake in NYC, and….wait for it….cured Mark Twain’s constipation (which lead them to become bff’s for a period of time, spending endless giddy evenings x-raying each other’s skulls). My day should have been spent drawing lovingly detailed pictures of Tesla hurling self-generated fireballs while Mark Twain looked on in admiring glee, but was so busy at work that this is all I have to show:


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January 17: All the French I Know


Please note that the bread is still piping hot (denoted by barely-visible wavy lines).

I actually kind of like this little guy.  Maybe he’ll be my mascot… because, apparently, I’m a football team. 

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