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April 8: You say cucumber, I say sausage

Let’s call the whole thing off…etc.



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April 7: Can I borrow a pencil?


Well?  Can I?

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March 21/Illustration Friday: “Pet Peeves”

Hey y’all.  Sorry for the extended absence.  I’ve got, like, stress fractures and stuff…which, while not technically preventing me from posting, are suffiiciently depressing to do so.  There is much wallowing to do, but first:


This has been happening to me with alarming regularity lately.

 My other pet peeve is when you train for a marathon and end up hurting yourself right before the race.  Doncha hate when that happens?


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March 14: Obligatory St. Paddy’s Post

Hey boozebags!  How was your St. Patrick’s Day?  Mine was suspiciously non-green and sober, as  I do my bit to flout convention.

 Anyhoo, here’s my drunken little leprachaun. mar14.jpg


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March 13/Illustration Friday: “Garden”

I decided to do Illustration Friday for the first time in eons, and of course ended up doing last week’s.  D’oh!  No matter, I’ll post it anyway.  Maybe I’ll get to this week’s by next Friday…though not boody likely.  On topic, I’m determined to grow something viable (plant-wise) this year.  What’s the opposite of a green thumb?  Whatever it is, I got it.    This is my usual result:


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