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The Turning of the Worm: Arise, Zombie! [page 10]

Thus concludes “Arise, Zombie!”  The story continues next Friday with the first page of the next installment, “The Book of Bones”. Can all y’all wait?

Oh, and starting Monday the Thing of the Week is ….(drum roll)… planets.  You think you know, but you have no idea.  Actually, you probably pretty much know.  I have also taken on a challenge to watch all six Gossip Girls episodes (CM, are you paying attention?) from this season by next Friday so maybe I will record some of my impressions herein, hitherto, et cetera.

Have a good weekend.  Go jump in some leaves and eat some winter squash!  Or, conversely, jump in some winter squash and eat some leaves.  Whatever floats your boat.

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March 11: Important Meeting/The End (Of You)

I know!  I’m a day behind.  I had very important things to attend to, like crafting this psychodrama:


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March 10: Easter Comes Early..

…for YOU!


Another depressing day.  I’m “tapering” for my marathon which means I do aggravating yet restorative things like “yoga” and “not running” instead of fun stuff like, well, running, and I’ve elected to cap the evening off in style by watching a particularly maudlin episode of The L Word.  Cheer up, you poor, sad, lesbians!

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February 5: Personality Test

feb52.jpgWhich box is your favorite?  Post in the comments and I will reveal Your Hidden Truth. Naturally, none of these say anything about me — that would be insane.


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January 31: The January Thirtifirstiest!



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