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Hey, Guess What? [New Addition]

I had a baby!  I hope to return with new posts soon, but for now updates will be sporadic while we figure out how this little fella operates.


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Vacation! [And An Important Book Update]

Frog & Owl are on vacation.  New strips will resume next Wednesday (August 17th).  But wait!  Don’t go away.  Here’s something for you to stare at until then:

It’s the cover of the forthcoming “Frog & Owl” compilation!  Can’t wait, huh? Well, I’m afraid you’ll have to.  I’ll be debuting it at SPX on September 10-11 (assuming I haven’t already given birth…yes, the timing could be better, but what can ya do?).  After that I’ll have a link to order it on this very website.  Let the excitement from this news fuel your weekend.

See you Wednesday!

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Programming Note [News You Can Use]

Posting will be sporadic, erratic, and perhaps even unpredictable (hi, I am a human thesaurus) for the rest of the week because Frog & Owl Global HQ is MOVING (physically, not virtually).

See you in a few days!


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‘Scheduled Maintenance’ Continues

Hey kiddos.  Sorry for the continued delay posting.  I’ll be back with new stuff tomorrow.  Happy Inauguration Day to all!


That baby is us, America.

(image via Getty via Jezebel)

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