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Ho-Hum [Sketchbook]

“Guess I’ll just sit on this bench ’til someone notices how beautiful I am…..

..or how messed up my hair is.”


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Mystery Man [Tall, Dark, and Clueless]

Ooh, who’s this, rising from the darkness in the manner of some film noir anti-hero?

Eh, forget it.


And, on an unrelated note, happy fifth (!) anniversary to my wonderful husband.  [insert sappy emoticons here]

Ooh, who’s this?

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Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Smiley [Methadone]

I probably wouldn’t have survived coming off the TV high that is The Wire (which I finally watched) if my dad hadn’t lent us Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, the excellent BBC miniseries starring Alec Guinness.  Here’s my doodle of the George Smiley, who is awesome.

Now I need another hit of Smiley.


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Dream Date [Crap From my Sketchbook, Day Five]

Hey, it’s FRIDAY!  Hopefully everyone has some funtastic weekend plans.  Me? I’ll be doing what I call “my Friday dance”, i.e., sitting in a darkened room, drinking myself into oblivion [Just kidding, Parentals!].

Anyway, if you’re going on a date (do they even still call it that?) hope you’re better matched than these two.  See you Monday!

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Sumthinsumthin Pittsburgh Penguins [Crap From My Sketchbook, Day Four]

In other words….z-z-z-z-z-z….naptime!

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