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Moguls [Wheee!]

I’m, like, barely watching the Olympics but did catch some mogul-ing which looks pretty fun.   [Fun for me to watch from far, far away, that is – I’m way too scaredy-cat for any form of downhill skiing, or as I call it, “concussion hunting.”]

Anyway, back to moguls: my favorite part is after all the schmoop-schmooping over the little moguls, when they fly up at the end and spin around in celebration (I apologize for all these extremely technical terms…being the expert I am I simply cannot dumb it down).

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You’ll Do Just Fine, My Pretty [Happy Halloween!]



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West Virginia: Wild, Wonderful, Weird [Road Trip!]

We went to Shepherdstown, West Virginia this past weekend so I could run the most brutal half-marathon of my life (Antietam Battlefield:  All hills.  Who knew?), and spent a fair amount of time hanging out in the awesomely weird Lost Dog coffee shop.


Here’s a corner of the cafe where this lovely —  if menacingly reconstructed– mannequin presides.

And that’s Carlton dozing in the chair.  I am fascinating company, clearly.

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Dino-Mite! [Huh?]

Sometimes your brain just burps something up, and it turns out to be a surrealistic greeting card for a non-existent holiday.


Happy Dino Day, Everyone!  Let’s join claws and sing the traditional Dino Carols that we all know and love.


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Wake Up Call [Happy Birthday To Me!]

It’s my birthday, which means I’m being spoiled, but really I’m spoiled on a daily basis by my dear husband (I know, cue the groans).

Here is a typical domestic scene from our life together (which will most likely show up in a longer story eventually).


I know, right?  Nightmare!


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