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Nice [Frog and Owl, Day 210]


April is the cruelest month.  And the most confusing.

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Spring-A-Ding-Ding [The Four Seasons, Day Two]

Ah, Primavera….

….you deluded ditz.  Watch your step!

Tomorrow:  Winter.


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The View From My Window [Sprang]

Okaaay…not really.

Faithful readers please note:  I’ll be changing up Hooray For Mollywood‘s look (I know.. AT LAST!) in the upcoming days, so if it looks wonky at any point, well, there’s a reason.


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Viking Al Fresco [Sketchbookin’]

Yeah, I have no idea where this came from.

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Arms Akimbo at the Garden Party [Sketchbook]

Obviously, no one could really be in a cruddy mood while wearing this, er, lively dress.

Perhaps she lost a croquet match.

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