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Meet Stanley Coveleski [Not-So-Forgotten Cleveland Indians]

Stanley Coveleski, whose name was spelled “Coveleskie” for his entire baseball career (rumor has it that it was misspelled early on and he was too shy to correct it…if true, aww!), was an utterly awesome spitball pitcher.  He worked in the coal mines through his childhood and claims his amazing control came from throwing rocks at tin cans for fun.  Good times.  Anyway, not only is he written up here as a “Famous Coal Cracker”, but he’s a member of the Polish-American Hall of Fame.  Oh, and the Baseball Hall of Fame (please note standardly hideous plaque “likeness”.  Who does these?).   I recently found an old New York Times article about the 1920 World Series — which Stanley C. utterly dominated, by the way, to the tune of three complete game wins with a .67 ERA — that referred to him as “the stolid-faced Polack.”  Yes, really.  His wife had died during the season, and he married her sister a couple of years later, ’cause I guess that’s what you did back then.

Without further ado, the next in what my husband calls my “1920 Cleveland Indians Bookmark Collection”:



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