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Octo-Stump [The Long Run: Day Four]

Friends, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  In my experience, after eighteen miles of running, no matter how many Gu’s/SportBeanz you’ve housed, things tend to get a little dicey.  As in — how shall I put this — hallucinatory.  Thinking back, this could probably be explained by dehydration.  True factoid: .0001% of D.C.’s water fountains work.  At least the ones on my running routes.   And yet, do I a) bring water or b) vary my route?  Ha, ha — hell, no!  But I digress.  Around mile eighteen I glanced at the edge of the trail and saw an octopus, y’all!  See??

Orrr…maybe just a stump.  It sorta looks like an octopus, right?  Sigh.

Who needs psychotropics, right?  High five!

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Fish In Crosswalk [The Long Run: Day Three]

No matter how many eternal and rainy 20-milers I may suffer through, though myriad stress fractures may sideline me, and lo the many plantar fasciitis flare-ups  that may hobble me, I will always love running because it gave me this:

Just kidding.  All that crap sucks and I’d have to see a Yeti on the National Mall to make them worthwhile.  BUT!  Fish In Crosswalk was indeed a magical moment.  Near the  Tidal Basin, but  not near enough to make any sense, I crossed the street to find this fellow staring up at me.  I looked at the car stopped for me for an explanation, but there was none.    D.C.’s waterways are flooded, but this guy was a real overachiever.  Unless it fell out of someone’s shopping bag.  As my très outdoorsy husband put it:  “A fish in the crosswalk?  You mean, like a supermarket fish?”


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Flock Of Tourists [The Long Run: Day Two]

As I made my way past the Washington Monument, an area choc-a-bloc with confused and sodden tourists, I was treated to a ghoulish sight:  a flock of pastel-poncho’ed Segway riders.


Imagine this times four or so.  Shudder.

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Jeans On Tree [The Long Run: Day One]

As several readers are already aware (and as the rest of you are about to learn..oh, the suspense!), I’m in the midst of training for the Boston Marathon.  Yesterday I had the distinct pleasure (a term I’m using as loosely as it is possible to use a term) to run twenty (yes, 2-0) miles in the mostly pouring rain.  When you’re out on a twenty-mile run, the only thing keeping you on the right side of sanity (especially when your earphones have become waterlogged) is the scenery.  Lucky for me, yesterday was a banner day in the Washington, D.C.- environs for some seriously weird shizz-peeping.  And lucky for YOU, I’ve doodled up some of them and will post them this week.

First, Jeans On Tree.

Any questions?

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February 11: Get Your Potomo-Chesapeake-ish Primary On!


(that’s supposed to be George Washington, btw)

I voted today, and the weather was so shiteous that my precious “I Voted in Arlington County!!!” sticker (which I’m convinced the precincts give out as a stand-in for a ‘Why I’m Late For Work” note) blew away while I was trying to affix it to my jacket.  Because I was — you guessed it — totally late for work.

God bless America, and stuff.

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