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Miss Crazytown 2009 [Pin-Up]


Are you insane?

Do you like girls?

Yes??  Well, you’re in luck.  Have I got a bat-shit crazy pinup for YOU!

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Iron Man 2 and Other Great Works of Art [Sketchbook]

Here’s some junk from my sketchbook.

First, my husband discusses an upcoming film release:


Poor thing!  He only wants it to be exactly as good as the last one, all the while knowing it can’t possibly be, and pretending he doesn’t care one way or the other. HEAVING SIGH.  So I drew this to cheer him up:


See, my dear?  Who cares about movies when your wife can create epoch-defining works such as this?

[P.S. The original’s available for $5.00.  ACT NOW!]

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It’s Hippo Time.


What more can I say?


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Posting Schedule

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone!  Watch out for black cats/falling pianos.

An update on my posting schedule:  Due to hectic times here at the ol’ Mollywood Ranch, I won’t be doing my usual “Thing of the Week” daily feature for about a week or so.  Do not despair — there will be occasional “Things of the Day”, doodles, etc.  Postings will just be a little bit more random. 

But do check back, and do pillage my archives.  On the right side of the page you can view posts by category (see handy “Category Cloud”) or by date on the calendar.  There’s even a search bar!  What convenience.

See ya soon!

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March 1: The Future of Portraiture


I had this dream the other night involving ‘a new world’ where portraits were of feet instead of faces.   I say, why not immortalize my nonsensical subconcious brainfarts?


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