About Me/Contact

I am an illustrator, comic artist, and avid doodler.

If you have any feedback, questions, praise or complaints,  feel free to email me at lawless.molly@gmail.com.

Here’s my  Facebook.  And Twitter feed.  And my old blog.  Visit the Ordering Info page if you’d like to buy my books.

As you may have gathered, I’m mildly obsessed with old baseball (like, real old).


(L-to-R: Tris Speaker and Ty Cobb.  But I’m sure you already knew that)

Here are some samples.

I run…(here I am after half-marathon #1):


…and travel the world visiting with dignitaries.  Here I am with having tea with Charles and Di, in happier days:


I’m originally from Boston and now live in the DC area with my husband.


(That’s him on the left.)

And that, my friends, just about sums it up.

Thanks for visiting!

One response to “About Me/Contact

  1. satijournal

    Cool blog site, Molly! I like your cartoons. I was a cartoonist for the CU newspaper a long, long time ago. I keep meaning to start drawing again but getting started is the hardest part.

    Take care,